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Dental Zone is a well-equipped and certified Dental Care institution ( Multispecialty Clinic )  to help people cherish the nature-given gift of smiling with healthy and beautiful teeth. Started in the year 2011 by renowned Dentists Dr. G.S. Suman Reddy and Dr. Keerthi Reddy this institution has been blessed to reality by the vision of Dr. K.M Veerappa Reddy whose inspiration has brought Dental Zone to a trusted reality amongst the Dental practices in Bangalore.

Smile is a gift and we own it as a privilege since birth. The contours of the smile change with time owing to maintenance, mentality, and of course the physicality. Teeth make an important component to a blissful smile, defining the degree of happiness that a smile can hold.

Our forte of Dental Care includes a list of dedicated Dentists whose experience in Dental practices has accomplished all variants and complications of Dental treatment. Dental Zone ensures that all treatments are backed with the latest types of equipment and facilities with no exceptions towards availability or precision of treatment. The infrastructure and equipment at Dental Zone have been awarded as amongst the best and technically advanced to the latest in the practices.

Our processes and infrastructure for a quality Dental treatment are well defined and streamlined with experience and expertise towards the various proceedings in Dental treatment. We evaluate every Dental treatment as unique to itself and the patient to ensure utmost care and satisfaction to the patient and our experience.

Dental Zone welcomes you to a smile as everlasting!

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