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Post-Op Instructions for Crown Cementation

Please do not eat or drink for 1 hour after your new crown is cemented. Do not eat hard or sticky foods for 72 hours while the cement completely sets.

Post-Op Instructions after Implant Procedure

Congragulations!!! You have completed your first phase of implant therapy; the surgical placement of your dental implant(s).

Post-Op Instructions after RCT

First of all, congratulations, you made it through the root canal! Hopefully you had a pleasant experience, considering the circumstances.

Instructions for Ortho Care

Kindly use only the special toothbrush to clean between, under and around the wires, the brackets and your gums to loosen any food particles.

Post-Op Instructions after Surgical Removal of Teeth

What To Do After Surgery? Bite firmly on the gauze pads covering each extraction site to help stop the bleeding.

Post-Op Instructions for New Partial or Complete Dentures

First-time denture patients may require several weeks to get used to their new appliance.

Post-Op Instructions after ORIF

Do not give any kind of hot pack to the operated site externally or internally.

Post-Op Instructions after Periodontal Surgery

Immediately following surgery Bite firmly on the gauze pads covering the operated site to help stop the bleeding.

Post-Op Instructions after Laser Treatment

After Laser Treatment 1. Medication may be prescribed to improve your overall health.