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Dental Implant

Dental Implants artificial root forms usually made of titanium, they placed in the jaw bone which provide the foundation for supporting the replacement teeth.

Implant Placement procedure will be performed in two ways:

1. Conventional Method.
2. Guided surgery.

Conventional Method:

After extraction of the tooth, the socket is cleaned up to removal any infected tissue. If sufficient amount of bone is available, implant is placed after following the drilling protocol as per the implant provider guidelines.

If the amount of bone available is not suitable for implant placement, then bone graft material placed and the flaps are closed for live bone formation. The time frame ranges from 3-6 months, after which the implant is placed.

Guided surgery:

This is a complete digital process where in after the physical assessment of the patient a digital evaluation is done for the preparation of a 3D guided template. CBCT scan data is merged with Intra oral scan data using an advanced software to simulate the implant placement in a precise and accurate position. The fabricated guide is checked for good fit in oral cavity, following which the drilling protocol and the Implant placement is done through the guide.

Advantages of Guided surgery

1. No Sutures and reduced bleeding.
2. Tailor made procedure to avoid or reduce possibility of complications.
3. Predictable Results.
4. Effective in compromised conditions.
5. Patient education.

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