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Cone Beam Computed Tomography

CBCT Is A Useful Tool For Imaging The Craniofacial Area Which Produces More Realistic Images That Facilitate Precise Interpretation. All The Previous Conventional And Digital Intraoral Radiography (RVG) And Extra-Oral Two Dimensional (2D) Panoramic Radiography Techniques, Suffer From Several Limitations. These Limitations Were Magnification, Distortion, Superimposition And Misrepresentation Of Structures. CBCT Has Achieved A Transition Of Dental Imaging From 2D To 3D Images. The Application Of Sophisticated Software, Contribute To The Reestablishment Of Imaging. Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology Has Been Expanding From The Diagnosis field To Image Guidance For Surgical Procedures. As A Consequence The Treatment Outcome Is Enhanced With Low Exposure And Cost Effectiveness .


  • Dental zone is the only in-house cbct in bangalore with 3d imaging and reconstruction which is patient friendly andcosteffective.
  • Effective less patient exposure compared to medical ct with higher resolution.
  • High resolution means that image quality is improved.
  • In dental zone we need some seconds to take and reconstruct the images.
  • We use sophisticated myray software programs to provide images in 3 orthogonal planes (axial, sagittal and coronal).
  • We also provide 3d reconstruction.

Dental Clinical Applications Of CBCT:


We suggest cbct based on the individual patient’s history and a clinical examination. A ‘routine’ (or ‘screening’) examination is done in which a radiograph is taken regardless of the presence or absence of clinical signs and symptoms. Choosing cbct for a patient is based upon consideration of the prevalence of diseases, and the diagnostic accuracy of cbct.


• Application of cbct for orthodontics.
• Tooth position and localization.
• Resorption related to impacted teeth.
• Measuring bone dimensions for mini-implant placement.
• Rapid maxillary expansion.
• Dimensional cephalometry.
• Age Assessment.
• Investigation of orthodontic-associated paraesthesia.


True Full Arch Capability Of CBCT :


One of the most important features of multidimensional dental imaging equipment with 3d capability is the field of view (fov).Full arch volumetric scan of typical adult dentition is possible with adequate fov.


• Clinical Conditions Prove The Need For Full Arch Capability.
• Reduced FOV For Specific Needs.
• High Resolution Images Are Possible With Low Emission
• Multiple FOV.
• 3600 Scan.
• Accuracy.
• Steadiness.
• Third Party Compatibility.
• Data Sharing.


Multiple FOV (Field Of View):


Each FOV is suitable for a specific need. Both large and small image detectors are available. This choice will determine the height of the 3d scans to be taken.

1 5CM Dentition covering the upper or lower jaw bone, and the occlusion level
2 8CM Simultaneous scanning of both upper and lower jaw possible.
3 11CM  Inclusion of third molars, surrounding bone structure,allowing to plan multiple implants,also with use of surgical drilling guides
4 13CM  Acquires maxillary sinuses




Implant Planning & Endodontics-CBCT.


Lateral Cephalogram-Orthodontics.


“We Outsource Services Of CBCT To Other Dentists For Their Own Diagnostic Purposes”.

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